Michael Bird

Michael Bird

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Hyperconverged: Does one size fit all?

Of all the buzzwords bandied about, hyperconverged infrastructure (or HCI) is quite possibly the buzziest of them all. Why? Because it’s revolutionary.

Sustainability: Can tech ever be environmentally friendly?

Climate change is front-page news, and rightly so. We've collectively got ourselves into this mess, so can tech help us innovate our way out of it? And how does your o...

Everything-as-a-Service: Is your organisation ready?

What do organisations and IT departments really need in order to digitally transform and be competitive? Buzzwords and benefits are bandied around but as-a-Service is ...

AI: Should you start looking for a new job?

Is artificial intelligence really going to change the way we live and work, or are the supposed possibilities no more than seductive PR? In this episode, alongside ...

Introducing: Technology Untangled...

Introducing Technology Untangled, a new fortnightly show coming soon to this feed.

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